Why is education important to the Beauty Industry?


Why up-skilling and training need to be in the forefront of business

Wherever you are in the world, the global village is in a state of constant change both in how we do things and how we apply those changes. The latest fashion trend or the latest piece of technology is not going to go away. Consumerism is here to stay and those professionals that wish to stay at the ‘cutting edge’ need to be aware.

Therefore every professional including those in the Beauty industry must accept, that the professional operator needs to keep up-to-date. It is consumer behaviour that drives change and customer’s needs and desires, even when the customer is on holiday. Customers are changing how businesses operate and require customer services based on the customer’s needs.

Staying educated helps to stay competitive in business by staying ahead and keeping up with new techniques or products, or trends. Nothing can replace that in the moment ‘aaah experience’ when you realise from having a trainer in front of you, you can observe and ask questions and then you have the “aaah, that’s how you do it” moment. Having a passionate trainer is so much easier than trying to teach yourself online.

So, how can Far North Training help? We can provide short courses for your staff or if you wish to take on a trainee, we can support that trainee through training to help you in your business — allowing you to move forward. We also deliver courses through the Certificate 3 Guarantee Program with the SHB30115 Certificate III in Beauty Services subsidised to eligible participants.

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